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Far Moss Sports Ground & Moortown RUFC are working hard to provide our young players a development program with real depth. It starts with our One Club Initiative which aims to centralise all fundraising, efforts and ideas to ensure that all players benefit with oppurtunities to further their personal development.


This section will provide you with information about our management & coaching teams, membership structure, the Far Moss Sports Ground Scholarship and other benefits/facilities at Far Moss Sports Ground. This includes an onsite Crossfit Strength & Conditioning Gym, a private and exclusive players gym and our most recent Senior Player Development Scheme which sees two of our players nominated to travel, live and play rugby in the heart of New Zealand with the aim of coming home a stronger player.  



FMSG Management
Marie (Press Officer)
Cail (Team Leader)
Joe (Event Support)
Carl TJ
Owner - Director of Rugby
Drew Cookland
Marketing Manager
Harvey Lyons
Site Manager
Hendrie Iwanczuk
Events Director

*We have many voluntary staff here at FMSG, including the players parents, siblings and members stepping in to help maintain the quality of our facility. 



Julie (Logistics Coordinator)
Janet (Event Support)
Luckas (Event Support)
Coaching & Management
Coaching & Leaders 
Martin Pollard
Junior Chairman
Ian Lewis
Junior Development Officer
Eugene Johnston
Director of Coaching
Leighton Williams
Mini's Development Officer
Andy Mallinson
U14's Coach
Lee Myers
U12's Coach
Howard Kitchen
U14's Coach
Jonathan Morton
U9's Coach
Martin Pollard
U15's Coach
James Paddy
U11s Coach
Andy Orange
U17's Coach
Olivia Paddy - Megan Mallinson
U14's Coaches
Dave White
U9's Coach
David Harrison
U10s Coach
Matthew Gibson
U15's Coach
Damian Curtis
U11s Coach
Pete Martin
U10s Coach
Membership Structure
Membership Structure

First steps to join the FMSG community, become a certified member! Our membership offers exclusive discount on all drinks and events at Far Moss Sports Ground. 


If your a senior player, membership benefits include access to an exclusive gym accessible 24/7, a new VIP card entitling you to better discounts then standard member rates, meals after all season home matches and the redundancy of match subs.


If your a social member then membership allows you to recieve a massive discount on all spirits, draughts and ticket prices for events which include tribute shows, casino nights and comedy clubs.


If your a junior player/parent, membership offers you the same bar discounts aswell as providing the meals for young players for all home matches throughout the season.


On a broader spectrum, membership from players, parents and social drinkers help provide the much needed income for pitch maintenence, facility upkeep and our many community commitments which include special fundraising events, elderley lunches and public christmas dinners seating upto 200 people.


Social Membership *£50 a year

(Standard discount on all spirits, draughts and wines, access to member only events.)


FULL Senior Player Membership *£30 a month

(Extended Discount on all spirits, draughts and wines, meals all season, no weekly match subs, exclusive private GYM. Special VIP card entitling further discounts on spirits, draughts and wines) 


STUDENT/DISCOUNTED Senior Player Membership *£15 a month

(Discount on all spirits, draughts and wines, meals all season, no weekly match subs, exclusive private GYM) 


FAMILY Junior Player Membership *£100 a year

(2 Adults & 1 Child Player. Includes Adult Discount on all spirits, draughts and wines - players meals all season.) 


Additional Junior Player Membership *£50 a year

(1 Additional playing child. Adult Discount on all spirits, draughts and wines - players meals all season.)


U7-8's FAMILY PACKAGE *£50 a year (Without Adult Discount)

(2 Adults & 1 Child Player. No Adult Discount on spirits, draughts and wines - players meals all season.


*Our non-member prices for draughts and spirits vary between £3 - £3.70. Membership entitles you to most draughts and spirits ranging from just £2.40 - £2.60.    It is common and traditional for most rugby clubs to take a 'match fee' which act as the subs a player pays to be part of rugby matches throughout the season, also a players meal is traditionally free to the opposition and paid for by the home players as part of rugby etiquette.  At Far Moss Sports Ground the membership fee encompasses all of these seperate and weekly financial commitments into one single payment that ensures all players hoem and away can be fed and play rugby simply by turning up.  




The FMSG Scholarship is awarded to players who demonstrate a commitment and love for the Rugby sport. It aims to provide free membership, playing kit, financial discount from tours, trips and events and also a focus on development through free gym membership/conditioning opportunities.  Any player under the age of 19 can apply for the scholarship which is selected annually by a selection of Rugby officials who believe that every child should be given an opportunity to demonstrate excellence regardless of financial background or upbringing.  It exists to aid young players through difficulties whilst focusing on developing their own passion and skill for the sport they love.  




10 Year Journey


"It's the Sunday 2 weeks before Christmas 2006 my youngest son has just poked me in the eye & scratched my retina the pain is immense, Out for a walk in the cold fresh morning air with my eldest boy for company I think will ease the pain,we walk over to the rugby fields of Moortown RUFC to watch some of his school mates play and at half time a coach tells me that he can play in the second half. So off home he runs to get his boots.The two coaches Jonny Wadsworth & Nick Radford give him a go. "


"After the game we are invited to the club house where he's given sausage and chips & best of all a Christmas selection box, the boy is hooked, never again will my Sunday's be my own over the years I've travelled throughout Yorkshire been away on tour from Scarborough to Ireland made some fantastic friends & had equally fantastic times,I've seen a group of young boys grow up into fine courteous young men that are a credit to their parents & club. Last Saturday 21/02/2015 I watched the first team beat Leodis RUFC 36 - 21 & witnessed my son Jake Barnett score two trys to then go onto play Hereford for the Colts & win again into the semi finals of the National Plate competition"


Feeling proud..

Gary (Jakes Dad)


Jake is now part of the senior staff team at FMSG and plays his second season of First-Team rugby.. his tenth year at Moortown RUFC! 



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